PlaylistSounds of 2014

By | posted on 1st December 2014

As the first candles of advent are lit, so too are the fires of the annual "best things of a thing" bunfight. At this time of year you can be sure to find no hiding place from softly softly cover versions accompanying the heartwarming message to buy something slightly above your budgetary comfort zone; so too, the clatter of lists falling over one another in a bid to be first, best, most comprehensive, most controversial, least predictable. Rolling Stone give it a go, too, bless 'em.

This is not one of those lists, though there may yet still be an RRP round-up of the year. I'll try not to succumb to the easy "best albums" effort, but if it's what the people want...

No, "A half-decent summary of 2014" is just a number of tracks (I haven't finalised yet, but let's think big and aim for 50), in no particular order other than according to the fundamentals of constructing a half-decent playlist - that you take home and use as your "cut out and keep" guide to 2014 that might prompt you into involuntary head-nods. Quite possibly it will give you the odd reflex grimace; optimistically, I hope it will encourage you to check out something you might have missed along the way.