Reviews Will Butler – Policy Share Will Butler's debut LP, Policy, absolutely screams Arcade Fire. It's no coincidence: Will is a founding member of the indie rock band and brother of frontman Win Butler. After … >>
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Reviews Peter Levics – October October is the third release in the 12 month suite cycle by instrumental duo Peter Levics. On the eight pieces that together make up October there are worlds without, worlds within. That so much could come from such a simple set-up is an impressive feat. >>
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Reviews Foreign Shores – Alone in Time Alone in Time is the second album from Chicago-based band Foreign Shores. Recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist Nick Reuille, it's a beautiful mix of the best of the band's shoegazing and dream pop influences, but at the same time very much their own creation. >>
Reviews Hold/Transfer – Hold/Transfer Over the course of its 13 tracks, Hold/Transfer navigates a path through shoegaze, dream pop and a whole field of beautiful textures; if this is the noise Bono doesn't want to have to push through, maybe he's right to be worried. >>
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