ReviewsPeter Levics – October

By | posted on 19th February 2015

October is the third release in the 12 month suite cycle by instrumental duo Peter Levics. It follows August, which was released in June 2014, and September, released in November. Still with me? Good…

Peter Levics consists of Maris and Juris Peterlevics, brothers from Latvia, now living in London. Together they craft beautifully minimal compositions around the interplay between guitar and violin. In this context minimal doesn't mean sparse, or cold, or harsh. Think of it more in terms of the literal feeling of uncluttering, of spaces existing inside and outside the music. On the eight pieces that together make up October there are worlds without, worlds within. That so much could come from such a simple set-up is an impressive feat.

There's growing interest right now in contemporary classical (possibly a misleading label, but hopefully one that's understood) and experimental composition now - I think of artists in my collection like Julia Kent, James Blackshaw, Ólafur Arnalds (composer of music for TV series Broadchurch), Nils Frahm, and the forthcoming album from Michael Price, or compositions by Jonny Greenwood, and the soundtrack created by Tindersticks for the Flanders Fields museum. If any of that list floats your instrumental boat, then you should definitely give Peter Levics a listen. If it doesn't, you should try it anyway…

October was released on 16th February, available on a name your price basis from Bandcamp.