RRP Recommends

RRP Recommends is our own little seal of approval: if it’s in here, you know it’s worth checking out.

RRP Recommends Strange Talk – When It Feels So Good When It Feels So Good is a shining, pumping, pulsating dancefloor moment with its eyes and mind on the past and its ears very much in the future. >>
RRP Recommends The Lonely Together – Congregation I want to somehow convey here the idea that Congregation, the new single from The Lonely Together, sounds and feels so very of its place (that place being Scotland) and in many ways strongly reminiscent of other bands of that place while at the same time asserting its pure brilliance... >>
RRP Recommends Turin Brakes – 96 There was much excitement last week among Turin Brakes fans, when the band dropped a teaser video online with the hashtag #TBLostProperty. Then, this week, they announced a new album, Lost Property, and a new single, 96. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #5 Inspired by a survey I took earlier, I bring you a final six music submissions for Super Subs Week, with each described in three words. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #4 I have six more music submissions for you right here, ranging from folky singer-songwriterness to alt-rock, to blues rock, to 80s-style pop goodness. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #3 We're already just over / just under the half-way mark in Super Subs Week, depending on whether you count the weekend as a subset of or adjunct to the week. Either way the prime music submissions just keep on coming. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #2 Music submission week, aka Super Subs Week, aka Hidden Wonders Week, aka Just Great Music That You Might Otherwise Miss continues with this, very much its second instalment. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #1 Kicking off Super Subs Week, our first round-up of music submissions brings you tracks of awesomeness from Apeman, Bri Clark, Forebear, Freak Static, TeethOfWolves, and The Cold Bones >>
RRP Recommends Distant Sun – Calling Out Norwich's own four piece indie rock band Distant Sun have been hard at work since forming in early 2010. Their second album 'Reverse the Ending' is due for release next month and the lead single 'Calling Out' was selected as the BBC Introducing track of the week in June 2015. >>
RRP Recommends Acre Tarn – Flex Acre Tarn is the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District. Flex is the first track from Acre Tarn's forthcoming second EP. It's as stunning as this text so far is dry and factual. >>
RRP Recommends Tale Of Us – Silent Space Silent Space trips along to the sound of an erratic sonar pulse. A sort of LSD Dalek interrupts part-way through, and there's a bit where I feel like I'm the living soul of a rapier class Wipeout 3 ship. >>
RRP Recommends New Manners – Give Me Your Bones Give Me Your Bones is the title track from the forthcoming second EP by New Manners. It is "equal parts The Photo Album and Strangeways, Here We Come". I'm sure there are some other parts in there, too, but the main point to note is that regardless of the parts, the sum is spectacular. >>