The Dark Plains - Get Some

Get Some is taken from Come On And Get Some, the debut EP from Plymouth-based The Dark Plains. The EP is available to download from Soundcloud right now, and the band will be returning to the studio later this year to tart it up a bit for release. Let’s hope they don’t soften the raw edges of that sound too much in the process.

Delmer Darion - Paris Street

Slight change of pace now, as we round the corner into the lush and soulful chill of Paris Street. Be prepared…

Featuring Emily Burns on vocals, Paris Street is the first single from Delmer Darion. An album, All Over Again, All Over Again, will be released sometime in early 2015.

Lights of the Coast - Seychelles

Lights of the Coast is one of a number of projects from French musician and song-writer Théo Lefebvre. He bills Lights of the Coast as a side project to his main work as You are Number Six, but since I like the laid-back synth/new-wave groove of Seychelles, and it’s due for release in February as on a single, I thought I’d go with this instead.


Panic is Perfect - Build a Wall

Panic is Perfect have already attracted attention on Hype Machine and a place in Indie Shuffle’s Top 10 indie tracks of 2014 with the euphoric indie-dance track Go Go Go. Taken from the same Behind Your Eyelids EP as that Go Go Go, Build a Wall is all big drums, ringing guitars and catchy hooks. Download it (for free) from the band’s website:

Urso Polar - Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now

Is this coincidence, or something more mysterious? Earlier today I was listening to Joy Division Oven Gloves by the marvellous Half Man Half Biscuit, and marvelling at some of the lyrics (“I keep wicket for the Quakers / in my Joy Division oven gloves”), and now here’s a band who count The Wombats among their influences. The Wombats, of course, were moved to sing about Joy Division, and Urso Polar namecheck their track Let’s Dance to Joy Division in the lyric of the excellently titled Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now. And when they read this, they’re probably going to be completely baffled, because young indie bands growing up in the south of Brazil probably don’t listen to a lot of early Half Man Half Biscuit. That’s just my theory: for all I know there’s a hardcore HMHB following in Gramado.

Either way, that’s not really important right now. What is important is that Oh My God I’m So Happy Right Now is a terrific slice of indie-pop disco that you have to love. And if you don’t I’m going to come round and point accusingly at you. In my Joy Division oven gloves.

PS - Make sure you listen to Mostly Harmless as well. It’s as least as good, but it didn’t fit the whole Joy Division narrative, and I haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide for a while…

Victory Kicks - Smoke

This was in my calendar before various projects I was working on over Christmas and New Year sidelined more or less everything else. Sigh.

Smoke is taken from The Young Flood, released in mid-November, and available from Bandcamp. It’s like The National meets The National coming the other way and off they go, drink a bottle of wine, have a good time, and invite the guy with the soft voice over in the corner to have a go on vocals as they lay down a mellow version of a darker song they hand in mind. I mean it’s really good, basically.