RRP RecommendsSwerve – Everything

By | posted on 28th September 2015

I've said it before, and with great certainty I know this won't be the last time: sometimes you just can't beat simple things done well. At first, "Everything", the second single from LA's Swerve, sounds like it might be taking that idea a touch too far, but it's all part of a greater plan. As the song develops, a little extra riff gets added here, a harmony is dropped in there, and new vocal melodies are found here, there and everywhere. By the end, you're listening to a full-on exhibition of top-notch indie guitaring in the '90s Brit-style.

Swerve is the creation of Los Angeles based songwriter Gregory Mahdesian. Officially formed in early 2015 with drummer Casey Baird, guitarist Ryan Berti, and bassist Brandon Duncan, the band are gearing up for a big 2016: expect festival appearances, a debut EP, and who knows how much more…