Six Picks

Six Picks Spooky Six spooky sounds for Halloween, featuring: Bauhaus, The Dream Syndicate, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Screaming Lord Sutch, Baron Daemon, and entire town's worth of spooks... >>
Six Picks Time Not only have you been granted an extra hour, you also get a bonus Six Picks this week: six songs about time travel to enjoy again, and again, and again... >>
Six Picks Autumn Six songs about Autumn, picked by me, loved or discovered by you. Features Yo La Tengo and historical language facts. >>
Six Picks Spies There's nothing underhand or tricky about today's six picks: no invisible ink, no dead drops, not even a pair of eye-holes cut into the page of a newspaper. No code to decypher, just six great songs about spies and their art. >>
Six Picks Cake This week Six Picks brings you six songs about cake, the makers of cake that bake them, and their cake-making premises. >>
Six Picks Moon Super, smashing great. Only one of these describes a recent moon, but all of them can be applied to this week's six picks, featuring Neil Young, Belly, Nick Drake and more... >>
Six Picks Surprise Surprise! Bet you didn't predict this week's six picks, eh? Enjoy six of the best from Ballboy, Belle and Sebastian, Kristin Hersh, Turin Brakes, Radiohead, and The Folk Implosion. >>
Six Picks Charity Charity and music have shared a bond for a while now with some big name artists joining together to raise money for various causes by releasing the so called 'charity single'. Inspired by 'Help is Coming', this week's six picks recalls charitable releases, old and new. >>
Six Picks Birthday Your weekly six picks comes to you a day early this week. It's my birthday, you see, and you're invited to a Six Picks birthday party. >>
Six Picks God Well, if we can have Clergy Corner, we might as well invite the big man / flying spaghetti monster along. >>
Six Picks Bank Holiday Summer is nearly over, but this weekend represents one last chance to get the barbecue and brolly combo going, or spend half a day bickering on the way to a seaside town they forgot to close down. Enjoy! >>
Six Picks Football Football, eh? Love it or loathe it, you can't always avoid it. Not even here, I'm afraid. Luckily you don't have to give a hoot about the beautiful game to admire these songs about footballers and their profession. >>