Six Picks

Six Picks A-Levels Today was A-level results day across England, Wales, & Northern Ireland. Here are some words of advice (good and bad), ruminations, and consolations to distract you from wondering why only girls seem to have received their results... >>
Six Picks Clergy Corner If Kermode and Mayo can have a clergy corner, then so can Record Rewind Play. >>
Six Picks Budapest If you haven't been to Budapest, I highly recommend it. I'll even let you know of a few cool hipster places off the beaten track if you ask nicely. While you're there, walk around and take in the sights and sounds (and always remember to look up if you don't want to miss some of the delightful architectural details). Before you go, get in the mood with these six picks of varying Budapestness. >>
Six Picks As Seen On TV With David Letterman recently signing off after over thirty years on The Late Show, now seems like a good time to celebrate a few great, terrible, interesting or awkward musical TV appearances. >>