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In Depth What Have The 1960s Ever Done For Me? I'd always had this feeling that the 1970s had more influence on my musical soul, and that the '60s were not nearly as well represented in my music collection. On (lengthy) reflection, that might not be the case. >>
New video The Rebel Light – Strangers When I think back through the long, cold winter, how I could have done with the perfect combination of retro indie pop, harmonies, requisite mentions of California and all-round vibe of Strangers. >>
New music Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side The Other Side takes audio clips from NASA mission control during the Apollo 8 mission and lays them over a pulsating electronic backing, to create moments that are somehow not only evocative of an era but also tense, nervy, and ultimately euphoric. >>
Tracks The Beatles – Rain Share Having been reared on 1962-1966 (aka The Red Album), and 1967-1970 (aka The Red Album), I took the path of least resistance and started my own Beatles album collection … >>