Tag: 'debut'

RRP Recommends Mountains of the Moon – Translucent Amber Translucent Amber is the debut release by Swedish folk rock band Mountains of the Moon. As debuts go, it's up there with the loveliest and the warmest. >>
RRP Recommends Pelicans and their Allies – Just Like July If Beulah and The Shins got together for a basement jam, they might wind up creating something along the lines of Just Like July, the debut single from Pelicans and their Allies. >>
RRP Recommends Marriage Material – Fresh Air Fresh Air is the first release from Marriage Material. Taken from their eponymous debut EP, released in May, it's a delicious indie-pop moment that takes twee female vocal indie-pop and re-imagines it bigger, bolder, better. >>
New music Edger – Noose Noose is a two and a half minute lo-fi and power pop romp that you'll be unable (and unwilling) to dislodge from your head once you've heard it. It's taken from Rudiments, the debut EP by Edger, out this week. >>
New music Grace Lightman – Vapour Trails The quite stunning Vapour Trails is the first fruit of a collaboration between Grace Lightman and producer San Felu. At first calm - almost sparse, definitely understated - it becomes orchestral, dramatic and truly spellbinding. >>
New music NÉONHÈART – Comatose NÉONHÈART are a two piece electronic group from Los Angeles. Their debut single is called Comatose. You don't know it yet, but you're about to fall deeply in love with it. >>
New music Pink Film – Gut Wrench Pink Film are a London-based quartet who announced themselves this week with the swaying, careening Gut Wrench. Playing a game of how many variations on a near-perfect opening riff can you fit into just over four minutes of dirty, fuzzy indie rock, the foursome have really hit the ground running with their debut single. >>
New music Joy Atlas – Dismount Dismount is the beguiling debut future-pop single from Joy Atlas. One for fans of everything wonderful and effervescent. >>
RRP Recommends Saltwater Sun – Habit on my Mind It shouldn't be possible, really, for a band to appear out of nowhere with a debut track that appears to have been constructed from just the right elements in exactly the right size and quantity, ordered optimally, packaged perfectly and delivered with such style and panache. >>
RRP Recommends New music playlist 2015//12 The new music playlist for week 12 - another week of free downloads, new releases and album previews. Everything from Mew to UUMA, from The Black Ryder to Active Child. And a whole bunch in between. >>
New music M.A.G.S. – My Love My Love, from Buffalo newcomer M.A.G.S. is, remarkably, all the work of just one man - Elliott Douglas. After a handful of live shows, this high-class indie rock is a scorching way to begin a recording career. >>
New music SILVR – Dark Dark is the lush first (original) release from LA artist SILVR: mid-tempo and very smooth, with soft, high vocals played off against rumbling electro-bass. Recommended. >>