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RRP Recommends Once a Tree – Take Me Once a Tree are Husband and wife duo Jayli Wolf (singer) and Hayden John Wolf (producer and husband), who grew up on the rural West Coast of Canada, some way from their current Toronto home. Take Me is their second release from their Thousand Lives EP. >>
New video Babe – The Warbling Babe have released a video for their track The Warbling, taken from their The Hereaftergo'ers EP. In it, the track's glitchy, disorienteering clipped beats are matched by on-and-off visuals, streams of lights offering occasional respite along with the chords and harmonies that lay a sticking plaster over the tracks pocked surface. >>
RRP Recommends New Music Round-up #19 New music round-up #19 brings you six more sweet new sounds from Joni Fatora, Life is Better Blonde, Lilith Ai, Hannah in the Wars, Vuurwerk, and Young Empires, >>
New music Femme – S.O.S After a hat-trick of stellar singles from Femme, here comes a fourth in the shape of S.O.S. More brilliance, more big chorus, more production magic, more reason to love Femme before everyone else discovers her. >>
New music Cotton Claw – Grainy Grainy is the first taste of Volutes, the debut album from Cotton Claw. It's smooth, warm and alive in a way that you might not expect from music created by four producers and 64 pads. >>
Free Download Tame Impala – Let it Happen Let it Happen moves in the unmistakable manner of the Tame Impala - that rhythm, those vocals - but trades guitars overlayed with effects for something a little less fuzzy. Don't believe the naysayers: it doesn't suffer as a consequence. >>
Reviews Purity Ring – another eternity Share Formed in 2010, Purity Ring are a Canadian duo that uses electronic beats and exceptional lyrics that fit right in with other synth pop acts such as Goldfrapp, Grimes … >>
New music Rangleklods – Lost U There's some kind of electro-house mashup going in Lost U, a track from Danish duo Rangleklods (Esben Andersen, Pernille Smith-Sivertsen) that has been released as a single and given a new video just in time for their SXSW appearances. >>
New music Alanna Clarke – Linger Linger is built around a top notch chorus that explodes into being with a few simple strong notes that sound like they want to echo round the room forever. >>
New music Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat Technicolour Beat could be one of several peaks from Oh Wonder in 2015. Its consummate restraint, constant holding back, and its smallness are remarkable and rewarding. >>
RRP Recommends New music playlist 2015//09 New music playlist 2015//09 sees return appearances on RRP from Lanks and Life in Film, the first but unlikely to be the last appearance from FMLYBND, and new music from Max And The Moon, Andrea Balency, Lois & The Love, and Pale Honey >>
New music Andrea Balency – Waterfalls On Waterfalls Balency already sounds more confident and assured than on her debut EP - it's a rich and beguiling introduction to an artist on the rise. >>