Tag: 'indie rock'

RRP Recommends Otherkin – Feel It if Radio X are giving air time to Otherkin and their rapscallion ilk (assumptions: they have ilk, they are rapscallions. Probably true) they can't be all bad. >>
RRP Recommends The Lonely Together – Congregation I want to somehow convey here the idea that Congregation, the new single from The Lonely Together, sounds and feels so very of its place (that place being Scotland) and in many ways strongly reminiscent of other bands of that place while at the same time asserting its pure brilliance... >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #4 I have six more music submissions for you right here, ranging from folky singer-songwriterness to alt-rock, to blues rock, to 80s-style pop goodness. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #1 Kicking off Super Subs Week, our first round-up of music submissions brings you tracks of awesomeness from Apeman, Bri Clark, Forebear, Freak Static, TeethOfWolves, and The Cold Bones >>
RRP Recommends New Manners – Give Me Your Bones Give Me Your Bones is the title track from the forthcoming second EP by New Manners. It is "equal parts The Photo Album and Strangeways, Here We Come". I'm sure there are some other parts in there, too, but the main point to note is that regardless of the parts, the sum is spectacular. >>
RRP Recommends Swerve – Everything As everything develops, a little extra riff gets added here, a harmony is dropped in there, and new vocal melodies are found here, there and everywhere. >>
RRP Recommends Swerve – Aw Hell Aw Hell is the new single from LA rock band Swerve. You might detect REMishness in some of the guitar lines, mixed with a kind of brit-pop, brit-rock downstroke. >>
RRP Recommends Fans – Take It Take It is the third song released from Fans' debut EP, Born Into. Mining solid indie rock strata, throwing on simple but elegant guitar lines and handclaps, it's like listening to early Strokes or Interpol with a social conscience implant. >>
RRP Recommends Fort Lean – Might’ve Misheard Brooklyn five-piece Fort Lean are set to release their debut album Quiet Day this October. Ahead of it comes Might've Misheard - a fine taster for an album that takes in glam, new wave, and generally free-wheeling indie rock grooviness. >>
RRP Recommends The Persian Leaps – Dottie, Queen of the West Minnesota trio The Persian Leaps have announced the release of their third EP, High & Vibrate, and a new single, Dottie, Queen of the West. Both are sure to demonstrate once again the band's keen ear for melody, smart harmonies and gentle distortion. >>
RRP Recommends Oak Tree Suite – Lo Ammi Lo Ammi is a song crafted with maturity: a song of reflection that shuffles forward but takes surprising twists along the way. >>
RRP Recommends Foals – Mountain At My Gates Having already forced the musical universe asunder with the title track from their forthcoming fourth album, Foals have released Mountain At My Gates as a second taster of one of this year's mostly hotly tipped and highly anticipated albums. >>