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One Band One Day Divine Comedy Day Tuesday April 29th is Divine Comedy Day on Record Rewind Play - eighteen years to the day since the release of Casanova, and I've owed Setanta a review ever since... >>
One Band One Day The National Day Share I hadn't really paid much attention to The National before a friend gave me Alligator on CD. I was instantly hooked, and easily reeled in by the smoky seduction … >>
One Band One Day Tindersticks Day Looking back, it's a little disappointing that one of my most treasured musical moments took place in a city center branch of a well-known high street music chain. I could have at least been in some obscure independent backwater or smoky den... >>
One Band One Day R.E.M. Day Share On 11 March 1991 an album was released that would launch a new chapter in my musical life, and inspire in me a devotion to one band. The band … >>