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RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #3 We're already just over / just under the half-way mark in Super Subs Week, depending on whether you count the weekend as a subset of or adjunct to the week. Either way the prime music submissions just keep on coming. >>
Six Picks Autumn Six songs about Autumn, picked by me, loved or discovered by you. Features Yo La Tengo and historical language facts. >>
Six Picks Budapest If you haven't been to Budapest, I highly recommend it. I'll even let you know of a few cool hipster places off the beaten track if you ask nicely. While you're there, walk around and take in the sights and sounds (and always remember to look up if you don't want to miss some of the delightful architectural details). Before you go, get in the mood with these six picks of varying Budapestness. >>
New music Grace Lightman – Vapour Trails The quite stunning Vapour Trails is the first fruit of a collaboration between Grace Lightman and producer San Felu. At first calm - almost sparse, definitely understated - it becomes orchestral, dramatic and truly spellbinding. >>
New Music Idea the Artist – I Just Love You I Just Love You is the second of three releases before the release of The Seafloor. In places dark and foreboding, it's lifted by the clarity of Beltranena's classically trained vocals. >>
New music Francis Leone – Final Dance Final Dance is a new track from Suffolk-based artist Francis Leone. The most dramatic of three new tracks, it frames Leone's baritone with a swirling chamber pop arrangement. >>
New music Jilk and Haiku Salut – Periscopes "Periscopes" is what happens when "Electro-acoustic ambient post rock" meets "Baroque-pop-folktronic-neo-classical-something-or-other". >>
Tracks of my years Jeff Wayne – Horsell Common and the Heat Ray Jeff Wayne's musical adaptation of War of the Worlds was about as far as my interest in progressive rock ever went, and Horsell Common and the Heat Ray is responsible for one of my more terrifying musical memories. >>
Tracks Cherry Ghost – The World Could Turn More going on in The World Could Turn than meets the ear: an intriguing combination of old-timey piano and spacey sounds; the 12-tog string section and a lovely horn outro... beautiful. >>
Reviews Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw Share This was always going to be a problem album. After 10 years and 6 albums, live offerings released as official bootlegs, and some soundtrack work to boot, a new … >>
Reviews Tindersticks – Curtains Share On Tindersticks’ third album Curtains the band stick largely to the familiar: lush orchestration, sweeping strings, tales of love, lust, and desperate dependency. And just as they refined and … >>
Reviews Tindersticks – Tindersticks Share On a number of levels, Tindersticks Second Album is a continuation of where the band left off at the end of their dĂ©but eighteen months earlier. The orchestral grandeur … >>