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New music Seattle Yacht Club – I Hate Goodbyes I Hate Goodbyes is pristine, synth-soaked pop of the highest order: an inexhaustible supply of hooks and a sweet bassline walking you through the feeling of the best past days of your life, concentrated to to an almost improbable degree. >>
New music Phoebe Ryan – Dead Dead is Phoebe Ryan's third single, and second original single after Mine in early 2015. As smooth and seductive as Mine was tribal and booming, Dead is nothing less than a very slick, lush electropop single. Recommended. >>
Reviews Purity Ring – another eternity Share Formed in 2010, Purity Ring are a Canadian duo that uses electronic beats and exceptional lyrics that fit right in with other synth pop acts such as Goldfrapp, Grimes … >>
New music Chelsea Lankes – Too Young To Fall In Love A synthpop reworking of a Mötley Crüe single? Sounds just about crazy enough to work, but can Chelsea Lankes pull it off with Too Young To Fall In Love? Come on in and find out... >>
New music Alanna Clarke – Linger Linger is built around a top notch chorus that explodes into being with a few simple strong notes that sound like they want to echo round the room forever. >>
New music Folly Rae – Someone I Don’t Know Sometimes you just gotta wind down with some beautiful vocals, smooth flowing synths and piano and heavenly harmonies. And when those times come, Folly Rae's latest single Someone I Don't Know is just the ticket. >>
New music Kid Astray – Still Chasing Nothing Still Chasing Nothing has energy and hooks to spare, and is more than capable of skipping nimbly through the rubble of the old genre divisions. >>
New music Natalie McCool – Pins Pins is a beautiful pop song with an infectious melody and beautiful vocals, nowhere more so than in the chorus as McCool pulls melodical magic out of a hat >>
New music Chelsea Lankes – Down For Whatever Down For Whatever is a chilled out, laid back paean to living tonight and letting tomorrow do its worst from a soon-to-be former-best-kept-secret. >>
New music Alex Feder – Moments of Silence There once was a time when I would have worried that Moments of Silence, the new track from Alex Feder, sounded a bit like, I don't know, like pop music I suppose. As the raven quoth: "no more!" >>
Tracks Femme – Fever Boy Share Following on from "Touch" yesterday, today's "In Case You Missed It" pick comes from another artists chosen by a big-blog-cheese. This time the selection comes from Sean Adams, of … >>
Tracks Shura – Touch Listening to BBC 6 Music's most blogged artists of the last six months show last night only confirmed what I already suspected: I am not all that interested in writing about what everyone else is already covering. >>