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RRP Recommends Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik Sputnik is the literally pulsing first half of a double a-side, the fourth release from Public Service Broadcasting's 2015 album The Race For Space. It's a mesmeric, metronomic track that brings to life the awe and wonder that must have been felt around the world after the launch of this strange, beeping creation. >>
New music The Sinclair Sinclair – Cosmos With The Race For Space, Public Service Broadcasting may have thought they had the space-themed awards sewn up for the year; Cosmos shows there's more than one way to skin a space cat. >>
Tracks of my years Air – La Femme D’Argent The seven-minute instrumental La Femme D'Argent is the first track on Moon Safari. You can't love me ironically, it seems to say, with its funky disco basslines and thoroughly un-modern synthesiser sounds, because I am already too ironic. >>
News Fanfarlo – Cell Song Unperturbed by my continuing failure to review their (spoiler alert!) wonderful Let's Go Extinct, Fanfarlo have pressed on manfully, releasing another video from the album, this time for Cell Song. >>
Tracks Radiohead – No Surprises Share One of the best sounding albums of the 90s, expanding on the sound of The Bends, and taking Radiohead into galaxies new, leaving Pablo Honey all but a distant … >>