Tag: 'strings'

New music Cabane – Sangokaku Sangokaku, along with La Gomera, is a new double a-side release from Cabane, the new project from Thomas Jean Henri. Featuring a host of collaborators, both tracks are quite beautifully rendered acoustic moments. >>
New music Bad Braids – Glory, Glory One half of a split 7" release from Pretty Purgatory alongside Jacob Augustine's "Salvation", "Glory, Glory" is a new release from Megan Biscieglia, aka Bad Braids. >>
New Music Idea the Artist – I Just Love You I Just Love You is the second of three releases before the release of The Seafloor. In places dark and foreboding, it's lifted by the clarity of Beltranena's classically trained vocals. >>
Tracks of my years Tindersticks – Tiny Tears Tiny Tears is the crowning moment of the orchestral feast that is Tindersticks' second album: strings have seldom wept so sweetly, or contrasted so dramatically as here with Staples' gravel-tones and the warbling organ. >>
Tracks The Wonder Stuff – Something For Sammy Share Some songs, no matter how good, are just destined for hidden track status. Brilliant though they are, catchy though they may be, something about them means they don't quite … >>
Tracks Erland & The Carnival – Quiet Love Share Erland & The Carnival's list of band interests on their Facebook page: "Whiskey, bees, illustrations, old books". With the possible exception of bees, these would all give excellent company … >>
Tracks Nick Drake – Time of no Reply Share Ah, continuity... As one month ends, another begins, and as we were at the end of one, so we are at the start of the next. Having seen May … >>
Tracks Tindersticks – No More Affairs Share I guarantee you that Tindersticks Second Album is the best album you’ve never heard. And that’s a money back guarantee (subject to terms and conditions, yadda yadda yadda). Before … >>
Tracks Cherry Ghost – The World Could Turn More going on in The World Could Turn than meets the ear: an intriguing combination of old-timey piano and spacey sounds; the 12-tog string section and a lovely horn outro... beautiful. >>
The National Day The National – Exile Vilify Share Having spent the whole day listening to and reviewing albums by The National, it would seem like a horrible mistake if I couldn't, just this once, bend the rules … >>
Reviews The National – Cherry Tree Share Waiting expectantly for a full and proper follow-up to Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers we happen upon Cherry Tree; a bit more than an EP in the old-fashioned sense, … >>
Reviews Tindersticks – Falling Down a Mountain Share After the break-up, after the break, after the reformation, what next from Tindersticks Mk II? The answer, confusingly is that they keep it simple, but for them to do … >>