Tracks Of My Years

A lifetime, recorded at a rate of one track per year. Not necessarily a favourite track from that year, or the most played. A meaningful moment, though, or one that provides a springboard for rambling about a wider cultural context: the charts; society; growing up; piracy; prog rock…

Tracks of my years The Divine Comedy – Love What You Do The Divine Comedy's twenty-first century reboot was both bold and brilliant, but not the commercial success Parlophone had hoped for. >>
Tracks of my years Coldplay – Yellow There are no guilty pleasures: only pleasures. Yellow is one of them. >>
Tracks of my years Blur – Tender Tender was the lead single and opening track on Blur's 6th studio album, 13. Co-written and co-sung by Coxon and Albarn with backing vocals from the London Community Gospel Choir, it couldn't have felt much less Blur. >>
Tracks of my years Air – La Femme D’Argent The seven-minute instrumental La Femme D'Argent is the first track on Moon Safari. You can't love me ironically, it seems to say, with its funky disco basslines and thoroughly un-modern synthesiser sounds, because I am already too ironic. >>
Tracks of my years Belle & Sebastian – Lazy Line Painter Jane Lazy Line Painter Jane itself is undoubtedly the pick of Belle & Sebastian's 1997 EP output, featuring a glorious guest vocal, swirling organs, guitars turned up, and a noise and energy that the band had kept mostly hidden up to this point. >>
Tracks of my years Suede – Picnic by the Motorway Picnic By The Motorway is not one of the poppy, "attractive in an obvious sort of way" songs on Coming Up. It's probably the least new-Suede song on the album. And yet it was one of the first songs that Oakes and Anderson wrote together. >>
Tracks of my years Tindersticks – Tiny Tears Tiny Tears is the crowning moment of the orchestral feast that is Tindersticks' second album: strings have seldom wept so sweetly, or contrasted so dramatically as here with Staples' gravel-tones and the warbling organ. >>
Tracks of my years Oasis – Supersonic Supersonic hit the charts three places below PJ & Duncan. It was an inauspicious start to a scarcely believable career. >>
Tracks of my years The Boo Radleys РLazarus Near the end of 1992, The Boo Radleys released a single, Lazarus, that was a world away from the layered obfuscation of Everything’s Alright Forever. 6 minutes long and change, it's eerie, spacey, and builds tension through a thrilling three minute intro. >>
Tracks of my years The House of Love – Feel Babe Rainbow was a beautiful creation, but despite the melancholic splendour of The Girl with the Loneliest Eyes, the anthemic Feel, and the collapsing beauty of Yer Eyes, no-one seemed particularly interested. >>
Tracks of my years Teenage Fanclub – Star Sign Share This is where picking a single song to represent a year starts to get tricky. 1991 wasn't where everything changed for me, but it's a time defined by discoveries, … >>
Tracks of my years The Charlatans – Sproston Green Sproston Green is the last track on Some Friendly, and was said to be lead singer Tim Burgess' favourite Charlatans song at the time. It's the kind of song that sits up and begs to be played at a neighbour or parent-offending volume, and that's generally how I listened to it. >>