Track of the DayTelekinesis - Coast of Carolina

NeilBy | posted on 23rd August 2014

I don't quite remember its source, but I distinctly recall at least one feverishly excited review of Telekinesis! on the album's release back in 2009. Best evs indie rock/pop, 11/10, that sort of thing. Looking back now, most reviews seem more middling than that, with the central thrust being that while the album hits occasional highs, there's just not quite enough of them to sustain the momentum.

It starts well enough, with the acoustic "Rust" bleeding into today's indie disco playlist track "Coast of Carolina", itself followed by the anthemic "Tokyo". After a while, though, you start to recognise the same patterns coming and going, in the drumming, the chord sequences, the melodies. Much of this could be a simple consequence of the fact that Telekinesis is largely a one-man operation, Michael Benjamin Lerner being the one man in question, with regular collaborators and contributors filling out the sound.

By the time Dormarion was released in 2013, this problem had been alleviated to an extent, with "Ever True" getting a synth upgrade, and "Ghosts and Creatures" acquiring touches of electronica, but largely the sound remained close to that of Telekinesis!.

But none of this really matters, because "Coast of Carolina" is an absolute corker, from its scratchy lo-fi intro, to the buzz of the guitar when it arrives, and the brilliant, super-catchy chorus.

I said turn it up, turn it up!