Track of the DayViolent Femmes - Blister in the Sun

NeilBy | posted on 7th August 2014
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I bet you never saw this one coming, did you? No, I mean it's not like it comes free with the indie disco DJ starter kit, and is a regular feature of all indie discos everywhere…

But why deny the obvious? Blister in the Sun has all the requisite parts: a skittish rhythm you can jerk along to, a lyric to yell, quiet bits, and even moments when the most precious air guitarists get to live their ultimate moments by playing actual air harmonics.

Originally released on the self-title debut album by Violent Femmes in 1983, Blister in the Sun featured in the John Cusack film Grosse Pointe Blank in 2000. Due to a lack of master tapes, the song was rerecorded for the film, and a video was filmed to go with it. But I don't want to give you that, because, courtesy of CherrY Red Records, I can instead offer you a live version, from the band's 1983 performance at The Hacienda.