Monthly playlistAugust 2014: The Indie Disco at the End of the Universe

NeilBy | posted on 1st August 2014

This, I can tell already, is going to be the hardest playlist to write about. Not for want of stellar selections, you understand, but because every time I start listening to a song on the longlist I get completely caught up in the moment, and before I know it another five minutes have ticked by and I have written NOTHING.

No words.

Not one.

Just occasional random characters on the screen where my air drumming has gotten a bit out of control.

But that's the joy of the indie disco - no-one cares what you're doing. And believe me, this is just as well, because at my indie disco I'm dancing like I do everywhere else - horribly, with my head down, and an unnecessary amount of hair-flicking...

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Track of the Day The Bravery - An Honest Mistake If you want proof that success or failure in the music industry is essentially random, look no further than the rise and fall of The Bravery. >>
Track of the Day Tokyo Police Club - Hot Tonight Hot Tonight is catchy and infectious, with some of 2014's best woo-woo-ing, and a video with a charming retro arcade machine feel. >>
Track of the Day The Rapture - How Deep is Your Love? It's a glorious gospel-disco-chicago-house-indie-bass-and-piano thing, wouldn't you say? >>
Track of the Day The Walkmen - The Rat The Rat is an astonishing tour de force: a non-stop adrenaline hit built on a riot of drums and vocals that give no ground. >>
Track of the Day Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out Share As Franz Ferdinand release an official video to "Stand on the Horizon", the sleeper gem and Todd Terje collaboration from last year's Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action, we're … >>
Track of the Day Good Shoes - Morden Erstwhile indie DJ favourites thanks to tracks like Morden, the question should be asked - whatever happened to Good Shoes? >>
Track of the Day Violent Femmes - Blister in the Sun Blister in the Sun has all the requisite parts: a skittish rhythm you can jerk along to, a lyric to yell, quiet bits, and even moments when the most precious air guitarists get to live their ultimate moments by playing actual air harmonics. >>
Track of the Day Stevie Wonder - Superstition Stevie Wonder's spacious drum beat might have you wondering if Superstition has enough gravitational pull to attract a room full of dancing satellites. Hang in there - all will be fine. >>
Track of the Day Curtis Mayfield - Move On Up Share Tagsdiscofunkindie discoExtreme arm-hurtiness is preventing me from typing much right now, so I'll be brief (and no, that is not a good thing, thank you...). I don't care if … >>
Track of the Day Gossip - Standing in the Way of Control As The Rat is to The Walkmen, so Standing in the Way of Control is to Gossip. For both bands its a case of one brief, towering and instantly recognisable anthem amid a sea of far lesser known songs. It's enough to make more reliable indie stalwarts secretly smug. >>
Track of the Day Cornershop - Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III Superlative indie disco funkiness from Cornershop's first album after the incredible success of Brimful... >>
Track of the Day The Libertines - Up The Bracket It was the chaos at the heart of The Libertines that made them the musical embodiment of Harry Lime's speech about the Borgias and cuckoo clocks. >>
Track of the Day Supergrass - Mansize Rooster Less drug-addled than The Libertines, and in my experience (apparently) more memorable live performers, Supergrass took the spirit of Madness and ran very much amok with it. >>
Track of the Day Elastica - Connection When it came to Britpop borrowings, no-one was quite as ballsy as Elastica's Justine Frischmann, who took the Wire back catalogue, melted it down, and reformed it using exactly the same jerky post-punk mould. >>
Track of the Day Vampire Weekend - A-Punk Share When Vampire Weekend sprung forth with their self-title debut album, they seemed to be doing all they could not to make themselves loved by millions. Sporting a polaroid from … >>
Track of the Day Echobelly - Great Things For all the comparisons with The Smiths, and the focus on lead singer Sonya Madan, what makes Great Things is nothing more complicated than the atypical optimism in the chorus lyric. >>
Track of the Day The Strokes - Reptilia In Reptilia, Room on Fire gets the best track of the first two albums by The Strokes thanks to its glorious sweeps in and out of bass, guitar, and the bridge into Julian Casablancas' distorted chorus. >>
Track of the Day The White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl Even after time's arrow has twanged through 13 years and multiple Jack White projects, Fell in Love With a Girl is still a wonderful primordial stomp, its power and thrill undiminished. >>
Track of the Day The Hives - Hate To Say I Told You So Hate To Say I Told You So throws itself at you like an angry modern day Kinks: don't fight it, feel it. >>
Track of the Day We Have Band - Someone Someone is nothing less than perfect: a tight electronic indie disco track that the other electro-indie bands can only covet despairingly. >>
Track of the Day Friendly Fires - Hawaiian Air Hawaiian Air is a partly autobiographical tale of heading off for a short time in paradise. The message is: the journey might be hell, but the arrival makes it all worthwhile. >>
Track of the Day Talk Talk - It’s my Life It's My Life failed to reach the Top 40 on its original release in 1984, but became the band's highest charting single when it got as high as #13 after being re-released in 1990 to promote Talk Talk's "Best-of" collection, Natural History. >>
Track of the Day Coast of Carolina Telekinesis - Coast of Carolina Coast of Carolina is an absolute corker, from its scratchy lo-fi intro, to the buzz of the guitar when it arrives, and the brilliant, super-catchy chorus. >>
Track of the Day Sonic Youth - Kool Thing Enough of the happy good-time fun section of the indie disco playlist, it's time to get arch and dance like a Kool Thing. >>
Track of the Day Queens of the Stone Age - No one Knows Nominated in the "Best Hard Rock performance" category in the 2003 Grammys, No One Knows eventually lost out in that super-important award race to All My Life by Foo Fighters. In other words, a song by Dave Grohl's band beat a song not by Dave Grohl's band, but which is chiefly memorable for Dave Grohl's performance in it. >>
Track of the Day We Were Promised Jetpacks - Quiet Little Voices There's nothing quiet about this 2009 debut single from the Scottish indie rock band. >>
Track of the Day Pulp - Common People Not just a Britpop anthem, Common People is THE Britpop anthem. It's a defining moment of a genre, a band's career, and the lives of many fans. >>
Track of the Day The Mary Onettes - Lost Lost sees The Mary Onettes at the very top of their game: a driving rhythm pounds along through the verse and into a colossal chorus backed by heavenly synths. Perfect. >>
Track of the Day Blur - Song 2 Take a bow, Graham Coxon. And take a bow, Blur, for creating a song that both rules and mocks a whole genre. Kudos! >>
Track of the Day The Cure - The Lovecats Some might feel that The Lovecats is not highly danceable, but that only holds true if you're the sort who believes dancing to be in some way a co-ordinated activity. >>
Track of the Day The Wannadies - You and Me Song You and Me Song is a slice of perfect feelgood Britpop straight out of northern Sweden. >>
Track of the Day New Order - Blue Monday Blue Monday is a gateway drug of a track - a bridge between the old world of disco and the coming days of rave, and whichever version of it you happen to find to listen to, you don't have to love it to know how important it is. >>