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RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #4 I have six more music submissions for you right here, ranging from folky singer-songwriterness to alt-rock, to blues rock, to 80s-style pop goodness. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #3 We're already just over / just under the half-way mark in Super Subs Week, depending on whether you count the weekend as a subset of or adjunct to the week. Either way the prime music submissions just keep on coming. >>
RRP Recommends Gunship – Tech Noir Featuring brilliant retro claymation from Lee Hardcastle, Tech Noir is pure awesomeness in video form from Gunship. >>
Six Picks Football Football, eh? Love it or loathe it, you can't always avoid it. Not even here, I'm afraid. Luckily you don't have to give a hoot about the beautiful game to admire these songs about footballers and their profession. >>
New music Seattle Yacht Club – I Hate Goodbyes I Hate Goodbyes is pristine, synth-soaked pop of the highest order: an inexhaustible supply of hooks and a sweet bassline walking you through the feeling of the best past days of your life, concentrated to to an almost improbable degree. >>
New music Swiss Lips – Books While I can't condone the literal sentiment behind the chorus of Books ("Set fire to the books that you read") under any circumstances, I am right behind the intense electropop sounds, huge synths and beats, and a youthful tearing down of walls. >>
New music Folly Rae – Someone I Don’t Know Sometimes you just gotta wind down with some beautiful vocals, smooth flowing synths and piano and heavenly harmonies. And when those times come, Folly Rae's latest single Someone I Don't Know is just the ticket. >>
New music Go Wolf – Running Running is a sweet slice of melodic indie-pop with a swooshy sheen of 80s synthtasia. >>
New music Dutch Uncles – In n Out In n Out comes with a groove and synth clashes that wouldn't sound out of place about half way through the first tape of an early Now That's What I Call Music compilation, while also sounding thoroughly modern and slickly twenty-first century. >>
Tracks of my years George Harrison – Got My Mind Set on You How much you'll enjoy listening to Got My Mind Set on You will be determined in no small part by how you feel about the smooth production and distinctive '80s boom and echo of Jim Keltner's drum sound. >>
Tracks of my years The Smiths – Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now When people say they don't like Morrissey or The Smiths because they find it so depressing, I just think they're not trying hard enough, frankly. It's not a non-stop Klaus Wunderlich dance party, I know, but is it really so miserable? >>
Tracks of my years Howard Jones – What is Love? In a uniquely ‘80s way of navigating through chart waters, What is Love? took seven weeks from its entry at #31 to reach its peak placing at #2. Hard to imagine that path ever being repeated again. >>