Tag: 'Swedish'

Six Picks Time Not only have you been granted an extra hour, you also get a bonus Six Picks this week: six songs about time travel to enjoy again, and again, and again... >>
RRP Recommends Summer Heart – Nothing Can Stop Us Now One man summer vibe campaign David Alexander continues his mission to bring subtle sunshine into your life with Nothing Can Stop Us Now, the new single from Summer Heart. >>
RRP Recommends Pale Honey – Over Your Head Pale Honey are Swedish duo Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums). Over Your Head is their new single. Its laid back coolness doesn't need any help from me. >>
New music Vanbot – The Way You Say It Vanbot has put out a third track from forthcoming second album Perfect Storm. It is almost, but not quite, a straightforwardly massive slice of euro-synth. And it's that "not quite" that makes The Way You Say It stand out from the competition >>
New music Polar Bear & King – Rosehip Wrapped safely in warm falsetto, Rosehip is a slowly blossoming flower feeling the first rays of Spring sunshine before finally bursting into life at the song's tumultuous crescendo. >>
New music Pale Honey – Youth FAO: anyone who is in a band that consists of fewer than three members. If you occasionally worry that your sound is a bit bland or flat, that your songs are a bit one-paced or monotonous, may I suggest you check out Youth, the new single from Swedish duo Tuva Lodmark (guitar / vocals) and Nelly Daltrey (drums), who together make up Pale Honey. >>
New music RAINDEAR – Veins Enjoy the storming 2014 electrop single Veins, together with a remix from WTNSS, and make a mental note to watch out for future releases from yet another high quality Swedish export. >>
New music Eternal Death – Violence The air weighs heavy with Violence, but Elin Berlin's voice is so beautiful, so Scandi-pure, and Johan Angergard's production throws in layer upon layer of gorgeousness to wrap around you like so many 20-tog duvets that you're not completely overwhelmed. >>
New music Summer Heart – Beat Of Your Heart The week's happiest opening chord sequence (now there's a Grammy category waiting to happen) belongs unquestionably to Summer Heart's Beat of your Heart. >>
New music Jennie Abrahamson – Wolf The thundering drums that burst in after Wolf's synthtro might surprise at first, but when it all kicks together and Abrahamson is into the chorus mantra of "you're a wolf, I can't read you" it's a heady electro combo. >>
Sounds of 2014 First Aid Kit – Cedar Lane Cedar Lane starts out mildly enough, before slicing through the flutes and harmonies in its stunning climax. >>
Tracks of my years ABBA – Dancing Queen With its Disco beat and signature ABBA craft, Dancing Queen perfectly captures the fleeting euphoria of the dancefloor - "having the time of your life" - not to mention the misconceptions shared by many out there - "you can dance, you can jive"; it unites everyone, while giving each their own dream. >>