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RRP Recommends Fieu – Running Running may call itself synthpop, but don't let that lull you into looking forward to a quiet evening in - it's fizzing with effervescent electropop sparkle. >>
Six Picks Time Not only have you been granted an extra hour, you also get a bonus Six Picks this week: six songs about time travel to enjoy again, and again, and again... >>
RRP Recommends Rolling Blackouts – Tender is the Neck Tender in the Neck's intro bars create sweet anticipation, answered in the storytelling of the lyric, and the harmonies of the chorus, and the strumming of the guitars, and the roll of the melody. >>
RRP Recommends Pretty City – Melt Melt is at the heavy, gritty end of shoegaze. Its nu-gaze smashed on the rocks textures are ones you might find in the crater of an active supervolcano. >>
RRP Recommends Crepes – Size Of Your Town Size of Your Town is the latest single from Melbourne's Crepes. Taken from their debut EP Cold Summers, the track and its video pay homage to the regional Victorian town of Ballarat >>
New music City Calm Down – Rabbit Run Rabbit Run is the first release since the band returned to the studio to work on their first full-length release. If you're into New Order-esque bass and synth-driven indie-rock with a lyrical delivery and frenetic energy reminiscent of Frightened Rabbit. >>
New music Why We Run – Comfortable Lie Comfortable Lie is a superb debut that bides its time before revealing its hand, switching effortlessly from the song's easy-going drifter-like start into a burst of intensity near the end. >>
New music Lilt – Don’t Tell Me Lilt's latest single, Don't Tell Me, doesn't let the quality dip, and takes the emotional intensity to new heights. >>
New music Our Man in Berlin – Molière In Molière, guitars bubble, the beat shuffles, and it all builds into a chaotic clashing whirl that's a shock in contrast to the track's cool beginnings. >>