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Tracks of my years George Harrison – Got My Mind Set on You How much you'll enjoy listening to Got My Mind Set on You will be determined in no small part by how you feel about the smooth production and distinctive '80s boom and echo of Jim Keltner's drum sound. >>
News Andrew Montgomery (ex Geneva) returns with solo album in October The former Geneva singer with the angelic voice will release his debut solo album, Ruled by Dreams, in October. >>
Tracks My Bloody Valentine – New You Share I don't quite know how this has happened, but according to my last.fm profile, My Bloody Valentine currently lie somewhere outside my top 500 most listened to artists. While … >>
Reviews Tindersticks – The Hungry Saw Share This was always going to be a problem album. After 10 years and 6 albums, live offerings released as official bootlegs, and some soundtrack work to boot, a new … >>
News Mumm-Ra – Lizzy Lu Share When I wrote about Mumm-Ra's fabulous track She's Got You High last summer I mentioned that the band were recording again, having split up after releasing just a single … >>
News Pixies – Blue Eyed Hexe Share Some people really need to calm down a little and give themselves a moment to get over what they perceive to be the auto-destruction of the Pixies' legacy. Once … >>