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RRP Recommends Wildling – Heart of Gold Wildling's debut EP will be released in October. Ahead of it comes a cover of Heart of Gold. A brave choice: Wildling nail it. >>
RRP Recommends Philco Fiction – June 17 "This is not the summer of 1992", sings Turid Alida on June 17, the new single by Philco Fiction, wishing for days gone by, days of better weather, better raves, deep house and good times. And while we would caution against romanticising the past, it's impossible not to get swept up in the moment. >>
RRP Recommends Shmohawk – Everything I Want Is Nothing I Can Own Full of Big Star / Teenage Fanclub jangle and hooks and a timeless sound, Everything I Want Is Nothing I Can Own is a delight from start to finish, never more so than in the simple progression around the misplaced confession "I'm not worthy of your love" at the song's heartfelt center. >>
New music KINS – Young Having spent most of 2014 on tour in the US, touring with Courtney Barnett and performaing at the SXSW and Bonnaroo festivals, London-based KINS have been back in the studio to record a new EP, Cyclical, due for release this summer. From that EP comes Young, available to stream and as a free download. Flitting between anxious electro-pop and fuzzy shoegazing, Young plays with textures and shades. >>
New music Urso Polar – It’s Official I Hate Ramsgate It might seem strange for a Brazilian indie-rock group to be singing about a Kentish seaside town, but don't get distracted for too long by that quirky detail - instead be sure to let the energy take you and the lyric charm you, and the mix of jangling and chiming guitars win your heart. It shouldn't be too hard, frankly, because It's Official I Hate Ramsgate is another glorious indie disco whirl from Urso Polar. >>
Playlists New music playlist 2015//11 The new music playlist for week 11 - another week of free downloads, new releases and album previews, from debutants and old hands alike. >>
Free Download Tame Impala – Let it Happen Let it Happen moves in the unmistakable manner of the Tame Impala - that rhythm, those vocals - but trades guitars overlayed with effects for something a little less fuzzy. Don't believe the naysayers: it doesn't suffer as a consequence. >>
New Music Chastity Belt – Joke Joke is the second single from Chastity Belt's forthcoming album Time To Go Home, out on March 24th via Hardly Art. As with the title track, released a few months back, there's a truly satisfying sense of indie-pop gone off-piste. >>
Free download Lanks – Hold Me Closer Hold Me Closer is an electro-guitary triumph that somehow seems to gather layers, pace and intensity with every beat, while still retaining a sense of space and a still center. >>
New music Phantom Runners – Laserbeam Laserbeam is their first release of the year from Phantom Runners, bring you a summer's day in mid-February with its laid-back rhythms, guitar bursts and soft meadow-breeze harmonies. >>
RRP Recommends Lull – Dead Or Alone From the moment the title track kicks in to the last moments of gentle feedback of Bubble Tea, this three track EP from Lull is a heavy, crunching, distorted, woozy fifteen minutes of shoegazing and noise-pop heaven. >>
News Unifier Sign with Spartan, want to give you free music Unifier's 2011 EP, "Oh, Great City", has been re-released by their new label Spartan Records as a free download. >>