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RRP Recommends Public Service Broadcasting – Sputnik Sputnik is the literally pulsing first half of a double a-side, the fourth release from Public Service Broadcasting's 2015 album The Race For Space. It's a mesmeric, metronomic track that brings to life the awe and wonder that must have been felt around the world after the launch of this strange, beeping creation. >>
New video Public Service Broadcasting – Go! Share Go! is the second single to be taken from Public Service Broadcasting's new album The Race For Space, which was released this week to extremely positive reviews. We really … >>
New music Public Service Broadcasting – The Other Side The Other Side takes audio clips from NASA mission control during the Apollo 8 mission and lays them over a pulsating electronic backing, to create moments that are somehow not only evocative of an era but also tense, nervy, and ultimately euphoric. >>
Tracks of my years Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis The appeal of Beat Dis lies in its combinations. Samples bounce off one another in endless inventive cycles, and combine with a meaty rhythm section, which results in a track that does a lot more than ape sampling pioneers like Pump Up The Volume. >>
Tracks Ash – Candy Share Since the 20th anniversary of their debut release on March 5th, Ash have been steadily adding tracks to Soundcloud. I listened to that debut, "Jack Names the Planets", in … >>
Tracks Portishead – Glory Box Share 1995 was the year trip-hop truly broke, when Portishead won the Mercury Prize for the debut album Dummy. The album spawned three singles, "Numb", "Sour Times", and the Ike … >>
Tracks Public Service Broadcasting – Dig For Victory Share Some stirring Sunday nostalgia to savour courtesy of Public Service Broadcasting. Raiding the national archive for their War Room EP, here they rework a Ministry of Information and Ministry … >>
Tracks Sonny J – Can’t Stop Moving Share Plenty of sunshine in this one, plenty of big, bright 70s blocks of colour, plenty of samples, and a little cut and paste spiritual feelgoodery.
Tracks Koop – Koop Island Blues Share Apart from the vocals, everything you hear is sampled. Each piece is meticulously fixed in place in a perfect impression of a smooth, soulful swing standard. It takes an … >>
Tracks MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This Share Let's make this a Friday 1-2-3 with a track that was also deemed less good than turtles and bikinis in the summer of 1990. It's fairly outrageous that Rick … >>
Tracks DNA feat. Suzanne Vega – Tom’s Diner Even if you don’t care for the DNA remix treatment of Vega’s a cappella track, you’ll surely have to give it some love when you remember the two singles that kept it from reaching number one in the singles chart. >>
Tracks Beats International – Dub Be Good To Me Share “A new decade”, sang The Verve, curiously waiting until it was halfway over before calling it, “the radio plays the sounds we made, and everything seems to feel just … >>