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Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Bang Goes The Knighthood Share After the not entirely modern, not so old-fashioned either, relatively straight-up Victory for the Comic Muse, much of Bang Goes the Knighthood is refreshingly and charmingly off-beat. At times … >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Victory for the Comic Muse Share The obvious reference point for the title is the long-forgotten début album Fanfare for the Comic Muse. The truth, as so often is the case with The Divine Comedy, … >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Absent Friends Share After Regeneration sadly, mystifyingly failed to have the intended impact, Neil Hannon broke up the band, toured with Ben Folds (the two performing extra-special covers of classics such as … >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Regeneration Share Maybe if just the music had changed... After Fin de Siècle, The Divine Comedy moved from Setanta, their label home for five albums, and joined Parlophone. For Regeneration they … >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Fin de Siècle Fin de Siecle was the last album The Divine Comedy recorded for Setanta; its title is almost too perfect. There’s a definite sense throughout that this thing, in its present form, has gone about as far as it can. >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – A Short Album About Love Share What to do after the success of Casanova... not so much the success of the album itself, which didn't quite make the Top 40, so much as the success … >>
Album review The Divine Comedy – Casanova It’s tempting to see Casanova as nothing more than Neil Hannon’s cheeky-chappy coming out album. The truth, as ever, feels not quite as simple as that. >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Promenade Share Just in case Liberation was a bit too easily-digestible, not quite soaked enough in literary reference, art or artifice, for its follow-up Neil Hannon pulls out all the stops. … >>
Divine Comedy Day The Divine Comedy – Liberation Share “An ordinary day, down old festive road” begins The Divine Comedy’s second album (or first if you discount outlier album Fanfare for the Comic Muse), with Neil Hannon’s now … >>
One Band One Day Divine Comedy Day Tuesday April 29th is Divine Comedy Day on Record Rewind Play - eighteen years to the day since the release of Casanova, and I've owed Setanta a review ever since... >>