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RRP Recommends Sennen – Autopilot At this special time of year, the minds of music fans everywhere are taken up with the all-important, all-consuming task of coming up with the definitive account of the last twelve months in music (aka The End Of Year List Of Best Albums Bar None). Little room is left to take on new sounds, except those that would make their list even better than best. >>
RRP Recommends Wry – Waves Fighting back waves (uh-huh) of nostalgia, I'm nonetheless bound to admit that Waves delivers an ocean (uh-huh x2) of memories of the first time I heard music like this and knew I needed it in my life. >>
Reviews Cheatahs – Mythologies In its first incarnation, shoegazing scarcely existed as a scene outside its own bubble. Now it's undergoing a great renaissance, and Cheatahs are one of a clutch of new bands taking it, and you, to remarkable new heights. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #1 Kicking off Super Subs Week, our first round-up of music submissions brings you tracks of awesomeness from Apeman, Bri Clark, Forebear, Freak Static, TeethOfWolves, and The Cold Bones >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Su-Pra At the same time steady and droning but also wildly oscillating and dissonant, Su-Pra is a glorious noise-feast. >>
RRP Recommends Butterfly Child – Lost in These Machines Share For anyone into the melodic end of the shoegazing and dream pop spectrum, the sound of Lost in These Machines - a new track from Butterfly Child - dropping … >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Signs to Lorelei Cheatahs have shared Signs to Lorelei, a new track from their forthcoming second album, Mythologies, due out at the end of next month. >>
RRP Recommends Pretty City – Melt Melt is at the heavy, gritty end of shoegaze. Its nu-gaze smashed on the rocks textures are ones you might find in the crater of an active supervolcano. >>
RRP Recommends Cheatahs – Seven Sisters Seven Sisters is the first release from Mythologies, the forthcoming second album by Cheatahs. The band's self-titled debut just slipped into our Top 10 albums of 2014, and as a first taste of the follow-up Seven Sisters does not disappoint. >>
RRP Recommends Gems – Living As A Ghost Living As A Ghost is the devastatingly brilliant new single from Gems, from their forthcoming album Kill The One You Love. >>
RRP Recommends Surprise Party – If You Fall Fresh off a two-week tour tour of Western Canada, psych/shoegaze band Surprise Party have released a new video for their track If You Fall, from their recent Circle of Death EP. >>
New music Infinity Girl – Firehead With the ink still fresh on their recording contract for Topshelf Records, Brooklyn's Infinity Girl have released a new single, Firehead, and announced details of their second album, Harm. >>