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RRP Recommends Otherkin – Feel It if Radio X are giving air time to Otherkin and their rapscallion ilk (assumptions: they have ilk, they are rapscallions. Probably true) they can't be all bad. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #3 We're already just over / just under the half-way mark in Super Subs Week, depending on whether you count the weekend as a subset of or adjunct to the week. Either way the prime music submissions just keep on coming. >>
Six Picks Spies There's nothing underhand or tricky about today's six picks: no invisible ink, no dead drops, not even a pair of eye-holes cut into the page of a newspaper. No code to decypher, just six great songs about spies and their art. >>
RRP Recommends Spirit Animal – Regular World Heavy on the riffage from the outset, Regular World reveals more strands of considerable interest than you might expect after the first couple of bars. >>
In Depth What Have The 1960s Ever Done For Me? I'd always had this feeling that the 1970s had more influence on my musical soul, and that the '60s were not nearly as well represented in my music collection. On (lengthy) reflection, that might not be the case. >>
RRP Recommends Mainland – Not As Cool As Me From the opening words - "Girl you suck!" - it's pretty clear where Not As Cool As Me is going, emotionally speaking. And goes and goes, and doesn't let up. >>
Reviews Arctic Monkeys – AM Five albums in, and The Arctic Monkeys are no longer the cheeky new scamps from their fastest ever selling debut British album. Clearly, many believed the hype: should that belief hold firm this far down the line? >>
Rediscover Feeder – Comfort in Sound Share I was quite surprised when a friend of mine asked me to write a piece on a band that he likes. Actually, I was a bit chuffed to be … >>
RRP Recommends Foals – Mountain At My Gates Having already forced the musical universe asunder with the title track from their forthcoming fourth album, Foals have released Mountain At My Gates as a second taster of one of this year's mostly hotly tipped and highly anticipated albums. >>
New Music Goldbirds – Giving Up Proving that man cannot live on, or write about, brooding electropop alone, here come London's Goldbirds, crash-landing in the middle of everything with their second single, Giving Up. >>
New music Edger – Noose Noose is a two and a half minute lo-fi and power pop romp that you'll be unable (and unwilling) to dislodge from your head once you've heard it. It's taken from Rudiments, the debut EP by Edger, out this week. >>
RRP Recommends New Music Round-up #18 We've been away. We're back. Sort of. We checked our mail bag; it was overflowing with music. And so begins again the new music round-up, with tracks from Dead Cockroach, Willie J Healey, Janice Prix, Murder Shoes, Summer Heart, and Vanbot. >>