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In Depth Inchoate Observations On The State Of Things In case you didn't already notice it from the army of bulldozers clawing mercilessly at the cultural landscape, today's giddy feeding frenzy is pretty much the perfect storm as far as the great minds behind Global Release day are concerned. >>
RRP Recommends Cappa – Other Girls Other Girls sets me thinking about how pop is good, pop is fun, and how pop was my first love and I will not be shamed into pretending it never happened. Join my club! >>
Reviews Ryan Adams – 1989 I wasn't even sure I was going to review 1989. Having originally written my copy in the style of Paul Morley channeling Lester Bangs, I was on the verge of hitting the big red 'Publish' button when Father John Misty appeared in a vision before me... >>
In Depth What Have The 1960s Ever Done For Me? I'd always had this feeling that the 1970s had more influence on my musical soul, and that the '60s were not nearly as well represented in my music collection. On (lengthy) reflection, that might not be the case. >>
RRP Recommends Girl Friend – Good Morning Struggling to find the right words to go with Good Morning, the latest slice of brilliant 80s-flecked pop / disco / indie / gorgeousnes from Manchester's Girl Friend, I realise after a while that the song speaks for itself. >>
RRP Recommends Flyte – Please Eloise Please Eloise is the latest effortlessly perfect pop creation to roll off the sparkling Flyte production line. >>
RRP Recommends Keyes – Black Magic Black Magic is the first single proper from 18 year-old Warwickshire singer-songwriter, Keyes, following the success of Veins, earlier in the year. >>
New music Joy Atlas – Dismount Dismount is the beguiling debut future-pop single from Joy Atlas. One for fans of everything wonderful and effervescent. >>
New music Trails and Ways – Say You Will Trails and Ways have announced a new track from their forthcoming album Pathology. Say You Will was written by bass player Emma Oppen; the original inspiration for the song came from falling in love with someone almost instantly, to the point of issuing a bold ultimatum: say you will, or don't say anything at all. >>
New music Vanbot – The Way You Say It Vanbot has put out a third track from forthcoming second album Perfect Storm. It is almost, but not quite, a straightforwardly massive slice of euro-synth. And it's that "not quite" that makes The Way You Say It stand out from the competition >>
20 songs Piano Day Playlist Share In case you missed it, last Sunday was Piano Day, an idea dreamed up by the supremely gifted Nils Frahm. It was a day for celebrating the grandest of … >>
New music Femme – S.O.S After a hat-trick of stellar singles from Femme, here comes a fourth in the shape of S.O.S. More brilliance, more big chorus, more production magic, more reason to love Femme before everyone else discovers her. >>