Tag: 'new wave'

RRP Recommends Ski Lodge – Heaven is Now For Heaven is Now Ski Lodge make the transition from mid-to-late 80s indie pop to a slightly earlier new wave period in the same decade. While the guitar owners union might gently weep at such a move, in reality it's a gentle, subtle shift - a differently shaded polo neck perhaps >>
New music Trails and Ways – Say You Will Trails and Ways have announced a new track from their forthcoming album Pathology. Say You Will was written by bass player Emma Oppen; the original inspiration for the song came from falling in love with someone almost instantly, to the point of issuing a bold ultimatum: say you will, or don't say anything at all. >>
New single The Traps – September Storm September Storm is the latest single from Birmingham's The Traps. In a nutshell: indie disco that deserves to be in your collection. >>
New music Controller – Separator Separator is about as good as it gets in its field, the field being effortlessly catchy indie rock with a new wave twist. >>
Tracks of my years Howard Jones – What is Love? In a uniquely ‘80s way of navigating through chart waters, What is Love? took seven weeks from its entry at #31 to reach its peak placing at #2. Hard to imagine that path ever being repeated again. >>
Tracks Siouxsie and The Banshees – Spellbound Share Catchy without feeling melodic is how Simon Reynolds describes the early sound of Siouxsie & The Banshees, and that lack of melody might be one of the reasons I’ve … >>
Tracks The Divine Comedy – Party Fears Two Share Time for a quick and easy game of connections: Yesterday's track was "Candy" by Ash, which featured a sample of "Make it Easy on Yourself", originally by The Walker … >>