Tag: 'electropop'

RRP Recommends Fieu – Running Running may call itself synthpop, but don't let that lull you into looking forward to a quiet evening in - it's fizzing with effervescent electropop sparkle. >>
RRP Recommends Super Subs Week #1 Kicking off Super Subs Week, our first round-up of music submissions brings you tracks of awesomeness from Apeman, Bri Clark, Forebear, Freak Static, TeethOfWolves, and The Cold Bones >>
RRP Recommends Joy Atlas – Notice It All Notice It All is the second single from Joy Atlas. Soaring synths and horns make it something pretty special. >>
RRP Recommends Keyes – Black Magic Black Magic is the first single proper from 18 year-old Warwickshire singer-songwriter, Keyes, following the success of Veins, earlier in the year. >>
RRP Recommends Gems – Living As A Ghost Living As A Ghost is the devastatingly brilliant new single from Gems, from their forthcoming album Kill The One You Love. >>
RRP Recommends HÔN – Honeydream Honeydream sweeps you up and onto its wing, sending you gliding through a world of soft cascading vocals and a truly wonderful chorus. >>
RRP Recommends IYES – Lions Lions is the final track on Part One, the debut EP from IYES. It is a dreamy confection, a glorious concoction, a wonderful way to round out your first release. >>
RRP Recommends Room8 – This Place Again Room8, the LA-based two-man troupe made up of producers Ezra Reich and Nic Johns, have followed the release of the title track from their forthcoming No Hard Feelings EP with a second track, the dancefloor-demanding, love-yearning This Place Again. >>
Six Picks Budapest If you haven't been to Budapest, I highly recommend it. I'll even let you know of a few cool hipster places off the beaten track if you ask nicely. While you're there, walk around and take in the sights and sounds (and always remember to look up if you don't want to miss some of the delightful architectural details). Before you go, get in the mood with these six picks of varying Budapestness. >>
RRP Recommends Scam Avenue – Mercury Mercury is the title track from the debut EP by dark electropop trio Scam Avenue. It has vocal echoes of Sarah Cracknell (St Etienne), and a quietly developing menace that flourishes briefly before a final phase of descending notes. >>
New music CAPPA – This is Love Released as a single last week, This is Love is the fifth and final track from the self-titled debut EP from CAPPA. It's the kind of lush, cinematic synthpop that retains an air of effortless cool while handing you its mainstream pop business card. >>
New music XY&O – Low Tide Low Tide is the debut track from XY&O, an electropop trio from Cardiff who have the sound of summer pulsing through their veins. >>