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Rediscover Fleetwood Mac – Rumours There are certain albums that cannot be revisited or reviewed due to their status in the music world. Certain albums which have been defined as a classic and will be forever noted in history as such. >>
Rediscover Feeder – Comfort in Sound Share I was quite surprised when a friend of mine asked me to write a piece on a band that he likes. Actually, I was a bit chuffed to be … >>
Rediscover Del Amitri – Twisted 1995 saw the release of Twisted, the fourth studio album by Scottish rockers Del Amitri. Prior to this album the band had enjoyed some success with singles such as Kiss This Thing Goodbye and Always The Last To Know. Known for their melodic folk sound with lyrics which focused on mainly love and loss, Twisted brought a change in both sound and line-up and Del Amitri's biggest success in the US singles chart. >>
Rediscover Radiohead – The Bends I've read quite a lot of articles recently as The Bends by Radiohead is 20 years old this year.  It has always been an album that I've loved and it was the one that got me into listening to them as a band in the first place.  I didn't think too much about it (apart from how old it made me feel) until a friend of mine sent me a lovely message this week... >>
Rediscover Ten Years of JackInABox by Turin Brakes Unbelievably, JackInABox - the third studio album by Turin Brakes - is ten years old this month. In order to give the album a bit of love (and perhaps some well-deserved renewed interest), it was decided that we, the fans, would select and write about our favourite tracks from the album so we can share our thoughts with other lovely Brakes fans via Ether Site. A fitting tribute to a great album. >>
Rediscover Turin Brakes – Dark On Fire Turin Brakes are a band I love dearly, but one that could be referred to as 'Marmite' by other people.  I get the impression that you either love them or you're not that fussed.  This confuses me on some level as they are actually so very talented it's ridiculous. But alas, they do not get the credit or the exposure they deserve, which is why they are a perfect candidate for the rediscovered series. >>
Rediscover The Bluetones – A New Athens The sixth studio outing from The Bluetones sits very nicely in this category: on its release in May 2010 it didn't even chart in the Top 200. The lack of interest seemed to be the light going out for the ‘Tones as they split for good in October 2011 following a farewell tour. Was this album meant to be the end though? >>
Playlists Between The Bars – an Elliott Smith primer Share Monday saw the tenth anniversary of the death of the songwriter Elliott Smith. A remarkable, fragile talent, like so many others of his profession. So many great melodies, bittersweet … >>