Tag: 'synth'

RRP Recommends Acre Tarn – Flex Acre Tarn is the electronic music project of Anna-Louisa Etherington, a singer/producer originally from the Lake District. Flex is the first track from Acre Tarn's forthcoming second EP. It's as stunning as this text so far is dry and factual. >>
RRP Recommends Skies – Feel Like It Feel Like It is the first single from synth duo Skies. It's a monstrously huge track- absolutely cavernous, believe me. >>
New video Babe – The Warbling Babe have released a video for their track The Warbling, taken from their The Hereaftergo'ers EP. In it, the track's glitchy, disorienteering clipped beats are matched by on-and-off visuals, streams of lights offering occasional respite along with the chords and harmonies that lay a sticking plaster over the tracks pocked surface. >>
New music Lisa Alma – Fine Due for release next week, Fine is the latest single from Danish alt pop singer and song-writer Lisa Alma. Another track taken from her forthcoming album Sweater, it's further evidence that Alma is one of the most exciting new artists around. >>
New music Alma Elste – Virtualism Alma Elste: Paris, 22. Virtualism: Synth, crescendo, yes! All you need to know, frankly. >>
New video The Nursery – She Speaks The Wave She Speaks The Wave is a new release from Toronto-based indie synth rock band The Nursery. The follow-up to their debut EP Carnival Nature, which was released last year, it's a heady indie disco shuffle salted with a sprinkle of new wave. >>
New music Max and the Moon – Modern Love Modern Love is a hellishly catchy piece of indie-dance: high up the vocals are beautiful, while the bass explodes time and again. >>
New music East India Youth – Turn Away Turn Away starts out ominous, beats and vocals falling over each other, becomes euphoric, then ends in bliss. >>
New music Apidae – Turning Tides Turning Tides is a cool confection of shifting electronic beats and instrumentation and Drew York's delicate falsetto, which floats effortlessly through the song's phalanx of sounds. >>
New music Go Wolf – Running Running is a sweet slice of melodic indie-pop with a swooshy sheen of 80s synthtasia. >>
New music I, Us, & We – Lanterns Lanterns is another atmospheric creeper underpinned by warm electronica and terrific production, from the forthcoming Mono EP. >>
New music Empathy Test – Here is the Place With Here is the Place Empathy Test continue their perfect early run of synth-pop, making another bid for the future glory that will surely be theirs to claim. >>